Block Offer 2020 - Invitation for Bids

Bids for the Block Offer 2020 tender for petroleum exploration permits closed on 26 July 2023.

Bids for exploration permits must show an understanding of the geology of the area, the resource potential the bidder seeks to investigate, and include a work programme which lays out the exploration activities they propose to undertake. Bidders must demonstrate they have the technical, financial, health and safety, and environmental capability to deliver their proposed work programme.

The Invitation for Bids document sets out for bidders:

  • the blocks on offer
  • process for making bids
  • information required
  • how bids will be evaluated.

The blocks offered in Block Offer 2020 are restricted to the onshore Taranaki region.

A bid area can comprise of a single block or a combination of contiguous blocks.

There is no limit on the number of bid areas a bidder can bid for. Each bid area must be applied for as a separate bid and a separate application fee is payable.



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