Minerals - Surrender a permit [APP-03]

Apply for a full surrender of a permit.

Please reference the Minerals Application Guide to support the completion of your application form. It identifies the additional information to be provided to make a complete application. Should your application be incomplete, it may be rejected.

View the Minerals Application Guide [XLSX 25KB]

Application TypeFee

Surrender a permit

This form is to be used to apply for a full surrender of a permit only. For a partial surrender, please use form APP-02.

Please note that surrenders take effect on the date application is accepted, i.e. when the Minister makes the decision not on the day the application is lodged with NZP&M.

The surrender of a permit does not release the permit participant from any liability in respect of the permit up to the date of the surrender or any act under the permit up to the date of surrender giving rise to a cause of action.

Surrenders may not be accepted where there is money or reports owing on the permit.

No fee

Download Application form APP-03 [PDF 370KB]

Note: The form must be accompanied by a copy or copies of APP-10 Application form [PDF 374KB] for each permit participant that is not you as an individual.

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