Minerals permits

Types of permits

New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals issues permits to prospect, explore and mine minerals.

Apply for a new minerals permit

Find out how to apply for a new minerals permit and what information you will need to provide.

Land available for applications

A fortnightly report that provides notification of land available for mineral permit applications. Offering timely information on new minerals opportunities across New Zealand.


Use these guidelines to find out information on mineral permit applications and mineral permit reporting requirements.

Minerals Permit Webmaps

NZP&M provides online maps using real-time data to show all current minerals permits and applications in New Zealand.

Fees, Royalties and ERLs

An overview of minerals permit fees and royalty requirements.

Complying with your mineral permit

The Crown Minerals Act requires all permit holders to keep detailed records and reports on prospecting, exploration, and mining activity.

Gold fossicking

Find out what gold fossicking is, and if you need a permit to do it.