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Our online permitting system lets people apply for, manage, and make changes to permits online. Members of the public can also use it to find information about granted permits and permit applications.

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About the online permitting system

In the online permitting system, permit applicants, permit holders and some authorised contacts can:

  • apply for a new permit
  • view upcoming obligations on a current permit
  • make changes to a permit
  • submit an annual summary report
  • submit an energy resource levy
  • view fees for a permit. 

Each permit has some contacts attached to it so that it can be managed by different people in an organisation or company.

What you can do in the online permitting system depends on what type of permit contact you are.

For information about what different contacts have access to in the online permitting system, see the permit contacts page.

Permit contacts

Browsers and devices

The online permitting system works best on the Google Chrome internet browser on a desktop computer (rather than on a mobile phone or tablet). It doesn’t work on the Internet Explorer or Safari browsers.

How to register to use the online permitting system

To apply for a new permit

To use the online permitting system to apply for a permit, you need to:

You also need to:

  • register for permit access if you are a permit participant or contact on other permits and haven’t registered for the online permitting system before.
    You don’t need to register if you don’t have existing permits or permit applications.
  • have a RealMe® account.

How to apply for a RealMe® account —

To manage permits

To use the online permitting system to manage or make changes to a current permit, you need to be a current permit contact.

If you are a current permit contact but do not have access to make changes to your permit in the online permitting system, complete the form at the following link.

Register to manage your permits online

If you’re not a current permit contact in the system, you will need to get the permit holder to

We will then contact you with instructions about how to complete your registration.

To do a public search

The online permitting system has a searchable public register of information about all permit applications for new permits and applications to change permits.

You do not need to register or login to do a public search.

For more information on how to do a public search in the online permitting system, see the following page.

Online permitting system – public search

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