Apply to change a minerals permit

Find out how to change a minerals permit.

Apply to make changes to a current minerals permit using the online permitting system.

Online permitting system

Alternatively use the appropriate form and email it into us at

The pages below provide specific information on:

  • what is required for your application
  • how much it costs to apply
  • what forms you need to fill out, and
  • how to submit your application.

Minerals - Change a permit [APP-02]

Apply for a change of minerals, an extension of land, a change of conditions, an extension of duration, an appraisal extension (exploration permit only) or a partial surrender.

Minerals - Surrender a permit [APP-03]

Apply for a full surrender of a permit.

Minerals - Consent to change operator or transfer interests [APP-04]

Apply for consent to change operator or transfer interests.

Minerals - Consent to a dealing [APP-05]

Apply for a consent to a dealing. A dealing relates to an agreement that imposes obligations on a permit participant relating to the sale or proceeds of production.

Minerals - Change of control [APP-06]

Apply to change control of a permit. A change of control is when a person (or group acting together) obtains the power of 50% or more of the voting rights in a corporate body.

Minerals - Amalgamate permits [APP-07]

Apply to amalgamate the permit areas of one or more permits held by the same permit operator.