2019 production figures

As at the end of 2019 there were 18 operating coal mines in New Zealand.

Coalfield Mine Operator Rank Type Production 2019 (tonnes)
Maramarua Kopuku BT Mining SB Opencast 246,144
Rotowaro Awaroa BT Mining SB Opencast 652,300
West Coast
Buller Stockton BT Mining B Opencast 1,041,958
Buller Cascade$ Bathurst Coal B Opencast 1,002
Buller Escarpment$ Buller Coal B Opencast 1,248
Reefton Reefton Operations Moore Mining SB Opencast 51,705
Reefton Boatmans* Boatmans Coal SB Opencast  
Garvey Creek Echo Francis Mining B Opencast 59,979
Inangahua Giles Creek Birchfield Coal SB Opencast 137,760
Inangahua Berlins Creek Heaphy Mining SB Opencast 7,489
Inangahua New Creek New Creek Mining SB Opencast 10,455
Greymouth Strongman Birchfield Coal B Opencast 55,430
Greymouth Rajah Roa Mining B Opencast 158,553
Charleston Charleston Charleston Coal SB Opencast 62
Canterbury Malvern Hills Bathurst Coal SB Opencast 106,373
Kaitangata Castle Hill* Kai Point Coal SB Opencast  
Ohai Takitimu# Bathurst Coal SB Opencast 118,904
Ohai Wairakei New Vale & Ohai Coal SB Opencast 34,220
Waimumu New Vale* New Vale & Ohai Coal L Opencast  
Ashers Waituna* Sinclair Contracting L Opencast  


Production obtained from stockpiles or from former stockpiles as part of rehabilitation

Private coal operation

Mixture of Crown owned and private coal. Only Crown owned coal production presented

SB – Sub Bituminous

B – Bituminous

L – Lignite

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