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The National Core Store houses petroleum, minerals and coal core cuttings and samples, and has fit-for-purpose viewing facilities

Companies exploring for petroleum, minerals and coal under permit in New Zealand are required to offer core cuttings and samples collected during the process of drilling and sampling to New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals.

Any material requested or accepted by the Crown is held in confidence for a period of up to five years, before becoming available for any industry member or the research community to access and sample.

All of the submitted petroleum wells have been catalogued and photographed. To view the photos of the core, cuttings or well samples, please visit our Geodata Catalogue:

Geodata Catalogue

Mineral and coal core are currently undergoing the same process.

List of mineral and coal core held at the Core Store [XLSX 2.1MB]

Submitting core and samples

In accordance with the relevant regulations, permit holders are required to submit core, sidewall core, and other samples collected when drilling.

Rules and regulations

Petroleum permit holders must supply well samples within 120 days of completion of drilling.

See the Crown Minerals (Minerals Other than Petroleum) Regulations 2007 for the circumstances under which minerals and coal exploration core or sidewall core samples must be submitted.

Crown Minerals (Minerals Other than Petroleum) Regulations 2007

Any permit holder intending to dispose of mineral or coal core drilled under permit must notify New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals not less than 20 working days before disposal. We will assess the core and may choose to lodge this core in the Core Store.

All samples submitted to the Core Store must be clearly labelled, well boxed and arrive in good condition.

Transportation of the core and cuttings to the Core Store is the sole responsibility of the submitting company.

Please ensure that you have filled out the sample submission form.

Petroleum sample submission form [XLS 94KB]

Minerals/coal sample submission form [XLS 95KB]

Email the completed form to

Visiting the Core Store

The Core Store can be visited by appointment only. At least 48 hours' notice must be given of your intention to visit.

The information at the link below will explain how to make an appointment, and the terms and conditions for sampling core.

Core sampling terms and conditions

The Core Store is located at 31-41 Birdwood Street, Featherston.

View a map to the Core Store — Google Maps

Directions to the Core Store from Wellington City — Google Maps

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