Previous Block Offers

Past petroleum exploration permits granted in New Zealand through Block Offer and other allocation systems.

Between 2003 and 2012 New Zealand ran a number of Block Offers. The PIT allocation system operated at the same time outside the tender areas up until 2012 when the modern Block Offer strategy was developed under the Petroleum Action Plan. Since that time, NZP&M has used annual competitive Block Offers exclusively, to strategically manage allocation of all petroleum exploration permits.

Block Offer 2017

One new oil and gas exploration permit awarded for Block Offer 2017.

Block Offer 2016

NZP&M consulted with iwi and hapū groups, and local authorities on proposed release areas for Block Offer 2016.

Block Offer 2015

Between 14 November 2014 and 9 February 2015, New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals consulted with 189 iwi and hapū groups and 54 local authorities on Block Offer 2015.

Block Offer 2014

New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M) consulted with 99 iwi or hapū groups, and 63 local authorities on Block Offer 2014.

Block Offer 2013

New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals consulted with 74 iwi organisations and 42 local authorities on Block Offer 2013.

Block Offer 2012

In February 2012, the Government began consultation on the first national Block Offer under the Petroleum Action Plan, Block Offer 2012.

Prior to 2012

Prior to 2012, the Government completed a number of Block Offers focused on specific basins.

Block Offer 2019

Two onshore petroleum exploration permits have been granted for Block Offer 2019.

The successful bidders were Greymouth Gas Turangi Limited (Greymouth) and Riverside Energy Limited (Riverside).

Block Offer 2020

One onshore petroleum exploration permit has been granted for Block Offer 2020. The successful bidder is Greymouth Gas Turangi Limited (Greymouth).