APP-08 - Petroleum - Consent to flare or vent

Use this form to apply for consent to flare or vent petroleum.

Please reference the Petroleum Application Guide to support the completion of your application form. It identifies the additional information to be provided to make a complete application. Should your application be incomplete, it may be rejected.

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Application Type


Consent to flare or vent petroleum

“Flaring” is the burning off of natural gas as a waste product when it is uneconomic to sell or conserve it, or in emergencies when accumulations of gas become a safety concern; flaring can be associated with both exploration and mining activities. “Incinerating” is the burning off of waste gas in an incineration unit. “Venting” is the direct release of natural gas into the atmosphere.

Applications for consent to flare petroleum are limited to the following circumstances:

  • as a consequence of an emergency shutdown
  • as a consequence of equipment failure (but petroleum may not be flared for more than seven days)
  • during initial well-testing operations (petroleum may not be flared on more than 30 days, irrespective of how long it is flared during any given day)
  • under a PMP work programme approved by the Minister.
 No fee

Download Application form APP-08 [PDF 343KB]

Note: The form must be accompanied by a copy or copies of APP-10 Application form [PDF 374KB] for each permit participant that is not you as an individual.

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