APP-02 - Petroleum - Change a permit

For changes to a current petroleum permit.

Use this form to apply for:

Please reference the Petroleum Application Guide to support the completion of your application form. It identifies the additional information to be provided to make a complete application. Should your application be incomplete, it may be rejected.

View the petroleum application guide [XLSX 24KB]

Application Type Fee
(including 15% GST)1
Change of minerals
You must apply at least 90 days before the permit expires. $4,025.00
Extension of land
You must apply at least 90 days before the permit expires.


Extension of duration

Prospecting permit
See the Petroleum Programme for details.

Exploration permits
Permits granted after 24 May 2013 are not entitled to extensions of duration other than appraisal extensions.

Permits granted prior to 24 May 2013 are allowed a maximum duration of 10 years for onshore permits, 12 years for Taranaki offshore area and 15 for all other offshore areas, based on original permit area.

Mining permit
The duration of a permit may be extended for such a period as the Minister considers reasonable to enable the permit holder to economically deplete the discovery.

You must apply at least 90 days before the permit expires.

Change of conditions

To amend the conditions of a permit, you must apply at least 90 days before a permit condition is due.

If the Minister is satisfied there are compelling reasons why the permit holder could not comply with the above timeframe, the application may be received at a later date, but not later than the condition due date.


Unless for secondary deliverables, in which case no fee.

Appraisal Extension

Appraisal extensions will only be granted for an exploration permit where a discovery is made during the current term of the permit and there is insufficient time to appraise the discovery.

Partial Surrender
This form is to be used to apply for a partial surrender of a permit. For full surrenders, please use form APP-03.

Please note that partial surrenders take effect on the date application is accepted, i.e. when the Minister makes the decision not on the day the application is lodged with NZP&M.

Partial surrenders may not be accepted where there is money or reports owing on the permit.

The surrender of a permit does not release the permit participant from any liability in respect of the permit up to the date of the surrender or any act under the permit up to the date of surrender giving rise to a cause of action.

No fee

Download Application form APP-02 [PDF 514KB]

Note: The form must be accompanied by a copy or copies of

If you want to submit the application online, you will also need authority to view the permit information online. You will already have this if you are the Permit administrator or a participant in the permit.

1 NZP&M does not accept manual credit card payments on applications.

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