Minerals permit application processing

Publish date: 29 July 2021

We’re working as quickly and efficiently as we can to process the queue of minerals permit applications and thank permit applicants for their patience.

The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions a year ago and a high gold price has resulted in significant increases in the number of minerals permit applications filed over the last 12 months. Even now we continue to experience higher numbers of permit applications being filed.

“We’re working through the permit queue as efficiently and quickly as possible and have made a number of changes to the way we work to streamline our processes,” says Sarah Kenward, Manager Minerals Operations.  

For example, we’re improving efficiency by:

  • rejecting incomplete applications on the day they are assessed
  • taking a portfolio approach where we have multiple applications from the same operator and agreeing priorities with them or their agent and
  • prioritising applications that have been with us the longest, as well as those that are time-sensitive.

“We also produced a new guide and template to help our Tier 2 alluvial and quarry applicants improve the quality of their applications. This was done in an effort to reduce the amount of information we have to go back for.

“The best way applicants can help to speed up the process is by providing us with all of the information we need at the time they file their application,” says Sarah.

“While we expect the measures we’ve put in place will produce results, the rise in the number of applications we have received and continue to receive will take a concerted effort over a period of time to work through.

“We appreciate the patience of applicants as we work through the queue. If you have specific concerns we encourage you to get in touch with us."

New guide and template:

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