Block Offer 2020 tender opens

Publish date: 28 March 2023

The Block Offer 2020 tender for petroleum exploration permits opened today.

The release area is restricted to the onshore Taranaki region and covers 1565.5 km².

The tender will close at 5pm (New Zealand Standard Time) on 26 July 2023. The outcome will be announced after bids have been evaluated and statutory decisions on any applications have been made.

More information, including the Invitation for Bids and the release map can be found on our website:

Block Offer 2020

“The Block Offer 'Invitation for Bids' document offers specific areas, or blocks, that companies can bid for to apply for petroleum exploration permits within that area,” says Susan Baas, National Manager, Petroleum and Minerals.

In 2018 the Government announced an end to further offshore petroleum exploration permits. At that time, the Government committed to hold 3 further block offers for onshore Taranaki. Block Offer 2020 is the third of those 3 further block offers.

In December last year, the Minister of Energy and Resources announced the Government will be deferring decisions on future petroleum block offers beyond Block Offer 2020 until early in the next parliamentary term. This does not impact Block Offer 2020.

“The launch of Block Offer 2020 follows consultation with iwi” Susan Baas said.

As a condition of any permits which may be granted from this process, permit holders will be explicitly required to regularly engage with iwi and hapū whose rohe may be directly affected by petroleum exploration activities.

“Permit holders must also report on this engagement. Activities to be undertaken within 200 metres of areas of significance to iwi will also require specific early engagement obligations,” Susan Baas said.

“MBIE consulted with Taranaki iwi on potential land based on geology, prospectivity and potential commercial interest.” Susan Baas said.

The final release area for Block Offer 2020 is 40% smaller than the consultation area. This reflects consideration of iwi interests, the potential of any resources located in the final release area, and the adequacy of protections under other legislation and through permit conditions.

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