APP-05 - Petroleum - Consent to a dealing

Use this form to apply for consent to any agreement, other than a transfer of a participating interest, or a mortgage or any other change.

Please reference the Minerals Application Guide to support the completion of your application form. It identifies the additional information to be provided to make a complete application. Should your application be incomplete, it may be rejected.

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Application Type Fee
(Including 15% GST)1

Consent to a dealing

A dealing is any agreement that imposes on any permit participant any obligation that relates to the sale or the proceeds of production where the term of the agreement is for 12 months or longer.

A dealing also relates to an agreement that could be considered not to be on arm’s-length terms, or otherwise not be on a fair market basis.

A dealing relating to a Tier 1 permit has no legal effect if the Minister does not consent to the dealing. Applications must be made within three months of the date of the agreement.

Note: A dealing does not include a transfer of a participating interest, or a mortgage or other charge.


Download Application form APP-05 [PDF 320KB]

Note: The form must be accompanied by a copy or copies of APP-10 Application form [PDF 374KB] for each permit participant that is not you as an individual.

If you want to submit the application online, you will also need authority to view the permit information online. You will already have this if you are the Permit administrator or a participant in the permit.

1 NZP&M does not accept manual credit card payments on applications.

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