Top tips for submitting your annual summary report

Publish date: 5 December 2022

Did you know you can submit your 2022 annual summary report (ASR) from 1 January onwards? Read our top tips below to make submitting your ASR easy in 2023.

ASRs for the 2022 period are due to be submitted by 31 March 2023.

If you held a permit that was active between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022 you are required to send us an annual summary report, even if no activity took place during the calendar year.

Submit your ASR through the online permitting system

Online permitting system

There are lots of benefits of using the online permitting system:

  • It’s set up to only ask for the information relevant to your permit type – potentially saving you time from supplying information that’s not required.
  • It has help text to ensure that you know what you need to provide.
  • It lets you save your progress and return to it later.
  • You and other people authorised on the permit can access the reports anytime, from anywhere and look up information you have filed.

Registering on the online permitting system is easy, you just need to fill out an online registration form using your RealMe account for authentication. Authorised contacts can then be linked to individual permit records. Follow the link below to register for the online permitting system.

Register to manage your permits online

Read our ASR guidance online

We have good guidance online to help make it easy for you to submit your annual summary report.

Guidance on annual summary reports for Tier 1 or Tier 2 minerals permits

Guidance on annual summary reports for petroleum permits

We’re here to help

If you’ve got questions about the online permitting system, contact us at

Meet with us in Greymouth

In February 2023, we are looking to host sessions in Greymouth to discuss applications, permits and annual reports, including use of the online permitting system. Look out for further information early next year.

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