Rejecting incomplete applications

Publish date: 19 October 2020

High volumes of permit applications and limited resources mean that applications deemed incomplete will be rejected.

Gold prices are at record highs and perhaps unsurprisingly we are experiencing similarly high volumes of permit applications. Some of the applications that we’re receiving are of a high standard but there are a significant number that are incomplete and that require additional information before they can be accepted.  

As we only have limited resources to process applications, we will now be rejecting applications that are deemed incomplete on the day that they undergo their initial assessment. This includes applications without the correct signatures, adequate supporting information and the correct forms and authorisations.

If your application is rejected at this stage, your fee will be refunded and you will be provided with details of the information that is missing - you are welcome to reapply once you have all the correct information.

We have recently published additional guidance and a template to help alluvial and quarry mining applicants understand their requirements. And we are working on other resources to make it easier for all applicants.

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