Have you submitted your annual summary report?

Publish date: 14 April 2023

As at 9 April 2023, we’ve received 722 of the 845 annual summary reports due. 81% were submitted through the online permitting system. Thank you for filing your reports online and on time.

If you haven’t submitted your annual summary report yet, it’s now overdue. File yours now to avoid enforcement action.

We have guidance on the website to help you:

Annual summary reports – Minerals permits

Annual summary reports (ASR) need to be submitted by 31 March for each permit held in 2022, even if no work was carried out during the year.

If a report is not submitted on time, this will be recorded against the compliance history of the permit. Permit holders who submit their ASRs late, or who fail to submit it, may face enforcement action.

The best way to file your ASR is through the online permitting system. It is set up to ask for the information required for your permit type and there is help text to guide you through the process.

Online permitting system

Submitting online has other advantages for you too, like being able to access the information you’ve submitted anywhere at any time.  It also saves us time from having to manually add the information into the system.

If you haven't used the online permitting system before, you'll need to register, and use a RealMe login.

Register to manage your permits online

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