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Publish date: 1 March 2022

National Manager Petroleum and Minerals Susan Baas is encouraging all permit holders to submit their annual summary reports early in 2022, using the online permitting system (OPS).

Annual summary reports (ASRs) are required by 31 March for every active permit each calendar year even if no activity took place on the permit. A calendar year is 1 January to 31 December. These reports provide MBIE with valuable information about New Zealand’s mineral resources.

“Last year saw an increase in permit holders using the OPS to submit their ASRs.” says Baas.

After a number of improvements to the OPS in 2021, it is now much easier for a permit holder to submit their ASR online. Some of these changes include only having to fill out relevant form fields relevant to the permit type, as well as help text providing guidance on what information is needed.

“Not only has this helped permit holders ensure they know what information they need to provide, it also reduces any manual input required on our end, supporting our minerals team to focus on other areas, such as processing permit applications ”

Further guidance about submitting ASRs is available on the NZP&M website, as well as video tutorials showing you how to fill out an ASR online.

Annual summary reports for Tier 2 mining permits [PDF 349KB]

Annual summary reports for exploration and prospecting permits [DOCX 474KB]

Youtube tutorial on submitting an online Annual Summary Report for a Tier 2 Exploration Permit

Youtube tutorial on submitting an online Annual Summary Report for a Tier 2 Mining Permit


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