Find free geoscience information about New Zealand in our new Geodata Catalogue

Publish date: 28 February 2023

The new and improved geoscience information portal, the Geodata Catalogue is now live. Browse the collection of free geoscience exploration data and reports, collected by permit holders and the government.

Geodata Catalogue

The Geodata Catalogue (the Catalogue) has reports and data about petroleum, minerals and coal exploration in New Zealand. It replaces the Exploration Database.

It’s free to use and you don’t need to log in to find data.

“The new Catalogue is a big improvement and is much easier to use. It’s also cloud-based, which means more information is available to you, without the need to request and pay for large files” says Miles Dunkin, Manager of Geoscience Information.

“The Catalogue’s search engine allows you to rapidly narrow down search results by filtering on the properties of the different data types, letting you quickly find the information you’re after.”

“It also has an interactive map which lets you explore data from a particular area of New Zealand, allowing you to then go back to the Catalogue to download.”

The data in the Catalogue is free to download. However, you’ll need to register using a RealMe® account.

To learn more about using the Catalogue see our webpage. It includes a link to an online user guide that has tips and tricks for using the search engine and maps.

Geodata Catalogue — New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals

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