Are your contact details correct?

Publish date: 20 February 2020

If we don’t have your correct contact details you may be missing out on important information to help you comply with the conditions of your permit.

Every permit holder must give us written notice of a physical address for service. Every permit participant must provide us with a contact address (which may be an email address) and telephone number.

Throughout the duration of your permit, we send you reminders of upcoming obligations which must be met.  We provide these reminders to help you meed your obligations. If we don’t have the correct contact details, you may miss these reminders. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any obligations.

Changes to the application contact, permit administrator and fee administrator must be provided on the correct form.

You can do this easily using the Online Permitting System (OPS) via the account management tab, or by completing an APP 11 application form. 

The permit holder’s authorisation allows us to update the contact information and ensure the right information is getting to the right person.

But ultimately it’s your responsibility to ensure we have your correct details.

You can find more information on the APP-11/12 - Minerals - Change contact roles page or by contacting

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